Known in the Seismic Industry as "Bulldog", brown friction tape has been used for many purposes, beginning in the earliest days. It has been rumored that some of the first boats were even held together with this tough tape!

The industry uses this multipurpose tape for making hose and cable bundles, streamer jacket repairs, securing lead weights to the streamer, and preventing abrasion at sensitive pressure points.


We have been providing our seismic customers with PLYMOUTH Brown Friction Tape for over 35 years. This 15 mil tape is manufactured from high quality cotton fabric that has been coated on both sides with brown rubber adhesive. This permits either side of the tape to be applied to the surface being covered, and provides excellent adhesion to itself. 

We carry inventory of this popular the 2 x 70 ft roll  (40 rolls/case).  3/4 width is also available.